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BBC School Report 2013









Students from this school will be making the news for real on 21 March 2013 as they take part in BBC News School Report. We aim to publish the news by 1600 GMT on the News Day, so please save this page as a favourite and return to it later.  In the meantime, click here take a look at what our students produced last year.


BBC School News Report 2013





Beckham’S billions being put to good use

Recently, David Beckham has joined a French club in Paris, Paris Saint Germain. He has signed a 5 month contract and decided to give his salary to a local children’s charity.

David Beckham is an internationally renowned football super star; he has made billions of pounds by playing for clubs all around the world, such as Manchester United and Real Madrid, he has even been the England captain. Throughout his career he has become very famous and wealthy. However, the public were surprised to hear that he will not be receiving any of his wages from his 5 month contract with Paris Saint Germain. He will be donating them to a local children’s charity, as he is fond of helping youngsters. Over his career he has been very generous to many different charities, such as, ‘Help for Heroes’, ‘Unicef’, ‘Malaria no More’, ‘Comic Relief’ and the ‘NSPCC’ and he has gained a valuable reputation for his generosity. However, never before has he donated his whole salary to one charity. In a survey, 100% of people said they supported his decision to donate.
In the past, other footballers have donated money to various charities as well but most of them haven’t given as much as Beckham. Some generous footballers include: Mario Ballotelli, Craig Bellamy, Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard, Dirk Kyrt and Jack Wilshire. Due to the fact that these players get paid millions, it would be thought that more of them would be more selfless. 9/10 people in a survey said if they were a footballer they would donate to charity, would you?
Do you think footballers should donate more than ordinary working citizens? We asked this question in the survey and 60% of people said that footballers should give more. An average footballer earns around £12 million a year; an average working citizen earns around £60000 a year. This leads us to the question, should they donate more just because they have it? Surely, in a fair and just world, we should all be able to pay as much as we like to charity? In today’s day and age, however, this isn’t the case. We should all be charitable towards others, but the reality is, we don’t all have enough. And yet footballers do. So should we pressurise them into donating?  Nearly a third of the people we surveyed said that we should. What do you think?
After Beckham’s seemingly generous donation, rumours began to spread about the real reason for his payment. People were saying that he was giving the money to get out of paying taxes. 20% of people said that they thought he was giving the huge sum of money to get out of the tax, which shows what his long career as a footballer has done to his reputation – as an all-round do-gooder. But it is the perfect way of avoiding it. Should we even question his reasons – it still goes to charity and after so long in football, we should be loyal, shouldn’t we? 25% of people said that we should question it. Should we?
Many footballers and people in general give to charity - perhaps if all footballers gave as much David Beckham the world would be a better place.

Written by Rebecca, Anna and Isobel.


Female footballers achieving their dreams

Over the years, women have gained confidence and strength in all areas of life, especially in sport. There have been women footballers that have given up on their dream of being a professional footballer due to the lack of publicity and money. Even though there is struggles within women’s football, there have been some women who have achieved the goal of being a footballer; Rachel Yankey, Kelly Smith and Mia Hamm.
America used to be the dominator of women’s football. Women travelled to all parts of America to accomplish their dreams. Nowadays footballers from all over the world travel to England to play at better standards. Now Manchester City has put a bid into entering the Women’s Super League; more females around the world are coming over to participate as they have seen standards of women’s football rise.
We interviewed Lindsey Savage who is the captain for Manchester city first team : her views on women’s football are, ‘‘ Chances in women football is a lot down to luck, there is not as many scouts about in women’s football, but if your talented enough and keep on trying, you’ll be spotted sooner or later. Women’s footballers are not supported in a way that men are, we get most of the support from our family and friends as the club doesn’t have the facilities and finances. Women’s football will never be as big as the men’s games, even if lots of money is invested into it. Until it starts to make money, it will struggle to make the same impact…Of course the standards and qualities of the game will improve but men’s football it is massive and is all around the world.’’
We also interviewed some of our PE teachers in Loreto High School; this is their view on women’s football… ‘’historically football has been dominated by men. There’s a huge gap between men and women’s football and it will need a lot to close the gap between them. If there was more broadcasting in women’s sport, it would inspire young women athletes to have the confidence to show off their talents. ..Women should continue the good commitment to sport and be encouraged to participate in more sports. Women and men will be seen as the same, when they get paid the equal amount of money, and the same amount of coverage shown on television also, when women play in the same stadium as men.’’
Hopefully one day women’s football will be up to the same level as men as it is increasing rapidly.

Written by Leah, Addey , Enoma , Sherin  and Rhiannon.

















Technology is advancing so rapidly these days that some technology developers are getting closer and closer to developing computers that could one day replace teachers in our classrooms. We explored the technology that was out there already to see if we will be getting rid of our beloved staff at Loreto any time soon and to evaluate whether robot teachers are ever really a realistic possibility.

ASIMO is a humanoid robot that was built by HONDA and Wako Fundamental in 1999. It was unveiled to the public in October 2000. ASIMO was created to be a helper to people who have disabilities and people who don’t have a full range of motion and is meant to encourage children to study Science and Mathematics in school. ASIMO can perform many tasks for, example it can recognize up to 10 people at a time, walk at 2.7 kilometres per hour and run at 6 kilometres per hour. It can also recognize moving objects, gestures, its surrounding environment, different postures and sounds. ASIMO has already conducted a live orchestra, has been to the Czech Republic with the Prime Minister of Tokyo and has greeted the Czech Prime Minister in the country’s national language: so what’s to say that he won’t replace our teachers in schools? How you would like WALL-E teaching you Mathematics, or R2D2 as your enthusiastic English teacher?

SNACKBOT is a mobile autonomous robot created by a team of hardworking scientists at Carnegie Mellon University; it has two functions, to serve as a research platform for projects in robotics design and Behavioural Science and to serve snacks! It is the size of a very small human and delivers snacks to both teachers and students.

Dustbot is a robot that collects waste and garbage from homes when it is summoned by the person calling or texting it. It then uses it’s GPS to automatically make way to the customer, to collect the rubbish and take it to the bin. In addition, the Dustbots carry environmental sensors to monitor the pollution levels of the area around it. No need waiting for your full bin to be emptied - just call the Dustbot and you’re all cleared.

We spoke to Miss Butler and Miss O’Neil, two English teachers at Loreto High School. We asked them how they felt about the possibility of robots one day replacing teachers in the classroom.
“I think that robots can’t replace an actual human being in the room, a human does more in communication, dealing with problems brought up during the lesson and they are able to see how the children progress.”
“Humans function better in things such as dealing with problems in the class better, picking up children’s progress and knowing each child is different and humans know what to expect from pupils.”   
“Although sometimes I wish I had a computer for a brain to help me remember things and keep me organised, I don’t think a computer could really replace a human being – teaching is about far more than regurgitating information like a robot.”


The thought of having robots roaming around school is kind of exciting, and would probably be quite fun and entertaining for a while. However, we think our teachers do a lot for us that a robot probably couldn’t do. For example, could a robot smile at you on the corridor and really mean it? Perhaps not.


Written by Godwill and Elliot


Big clubs getting bigger


Wednesday 20 March 2013

Young star players are currently being ‘stolen’ by premier league football teams for high amounts of money.
Young talented football players are currently getting poached from smaller, amateur ‘grassroots’ clubs by big clubs, such as Man United, Bolton, Man City and more. This situation is sadly familiar to a lot of volunteers up and down the country who work at ‘grassroots’ clubs.  This is a situation that is currently on the increase. People are beginning to notice that small clubs are suffering. But there are arguably benefits for these young people, despite the difficulties faced by struggling amateur clubs.
As a result of the increasing competition between big premier league clubs, star players from small clubs are getting stolen to help invest in the future of  these rich, powerful premiership teams. This means that the little clubs are loosing out on valuable needed funding. The general feeling amongst small clubs is that this is wrong. Smaller clubs would like more money to invest in players, facilities, pitches and better training for their players. Some issues facing smaller clubs are as a result of a lack of funding from the government and local councils, but the situation is worsened when their best players are scouted and snatched by bigger clubs.

Amateur and junior clubs who can’t afford to pay for their own pitches play on council-run pitches, but they're not well kept. For example, they don't have any money spent on drainage, so they often fall victim to the weather and the kids don't play as much as they should. Injuries occur more because of muddy pitches which is running the chances of the players getting scouted. They are unable to fix this because of less money being provided by local authorities.
It is said that people are becoming more obese due to playing less sport. Football clubs are trying to encourage more people to join to tackle this problem. Local Football clubs are trying to boost the economy by making more jobs as a small business. By loosing star players their income can suffer which in turn affects their ability to help promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle and impact the community positively. A real-life example of this is a that a lack of facilities a club called Bourn Ville Warriors FC lead to them having to call off 11 out of 13 matches over the weekends. Clubs are becoming redundant due to the fact that they can’t pay the club’s debt.

We spoke to Mrs Mitton, a teacher at Loreto High School, a school where lots of young players play for professional clubs and football teams. We asked her how good some of the young football talent at Loreto High School is. She felt, “the talent was excellent, particularly our Year 9”. She explained how they have got to the last eight in a national competition. She felt really strongly about big clubs selecting players from amateur teams and schools at a young age. Mrs Mitton said that, “it is good for players to be given the chance to reach their full potential. Also, it is an opportunity for people to play for big clubs and be successful”. On the flip side, she felt it was difficult for some younger players, due to their height and strength and not fully reaching their potential until their mid-teens. By this time a lot of have not been taken through the rigid ‘system’ used by clubs to bring up their youth players, and talent has been missed. Mrs Mitton also expressed concerns that it applies a lot of pressure at a very young age. She also thought that injuries occur more when players are overused from a young age. Jamie RedKnapp was an example of someone who played very young and burned out and she feels that he should have had a longer career. The danger is, this could happen to lots of our young talent at Loreto High School.
These are some of the reasons why grassroots football teams are trying to stop big clubs taking star qualities away, you can help get involved by helping these grassroots football teams.

By Pearl and Gary


Festival Friendly?


With festivals getting bigger every year, will the managers of different festivals start             making the events more child-friendly and suitable for young people?
With line-ups getting bigger and younger audiences getting more involved every year, festival managers need to start making changes to their festival layouts so parents and children can get the 100% fun that they deserve. In order to make this happen, we need to crack down on the rules of festivals and make them relevant to all generations.

Festivals such as Reading and Glastonbury are very good examples of popular festivals that are improving their standards for children, however festivals such as Download need to raise standards when it comes to being more appropriate.

Download line-ups are not exactly appropriate for children: ’Slipknot’,’ Motor head’ and ‘Iron Maiden’ are not exactly the best for a young audience.  However, festivals like ‘Bestival’ do have line-ups and activities that are a bit more suitable for children, but this can cost a lot of money. For younger teenagers who aren’t earning money because they are still at school, the prices of some festivals are extortionate.

The line-up for Latitude is quite good this year. Bands such as ’Maccabees’, ‘Hot Chip’, and ‘Cat Power’ are playing. But how can you enjoy all these cool acts when you have a child clinging on to you because it has nothing to do? We think festivals need more tents where people can leave their child in a safe place for a bit, and they can go off and enjoy the atmosphere, without having to worry about where their child is or whoever is looking after them. 

How Can We Make Festivals A Better Place?
More police are needed in festivals; there are too many drugs and too much alcohol around that is not suitable for the younger generation. We need an area where people can enjoy a drink, but not at risk. Also, people need to be checked for drugs before they go into the festival-just to be on the safe side.

I think that festival managers really need to start thinking about the way that the festivals are organised and run for children and adults. People don’t want to go to a festival where a child has nothing to do, and the less people going, the less money made, and the less money made could lead to no more festivals in the future.

By Maryam, Lauren, Rose and Fiona


“A diamond celebration for a diamond Lady”

Wednesday 20th March 2013


The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was a spectacular time to celebrate 60 years of her majesty on the throne. She took regional tours throughout the United Kingdom with other members of the Royal family. Plus, the Queen is the second longest serving monarch but also other British Kings and Queens have reigned for a long time too!
Furthermore, the Queen's Silver Jubilee was marked as the 25th anniversary of her accession to the throne. The Queen's Golden Jubilee marked the 50th anniversary of her accession to the throne and was intended to be an opportunity for Her Majesty to officially and personally thank the people of the UK and the Commonwealth for their loyalty and support.
‘Sing,’ was the official Diamond Jubilee song co-written by Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber, it reached number one in the single and album charts respectively. The Diamond Jubilee Concert was broadcast live on BBC One, and attracted an audience of 17 million in the UK. It was available to listeners on BBC Radio 2 in the UK and millions of people enjoyed it around the world on TV. The National Beacon on The Mall was lit by her majesty using the Jubilee Crystal Diamond at the end of the Diamond Jubilee Concert on Monday 4th June. To celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, Loreto high school students did a Jubilee essay competition, where they wrote a story on a topic about something challenging them.

Loreto High School, Chorlton also got a chance to be part of the wonderful ceremony and met the Queen! I am delighted to say I will be interviewing one of the teachers accompanied the students on the trip.


The interview with Miss O’Neill…
Miss O’Neill took her 4 Year 8 pupils to Westminster Abbey to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. She said: “It was an amazing day; I can’t believe I actually got to meet the Queen! It was also fantastic to see how excited the children were- that was the best part of the day! It will be a day I will always remember and I’m sure the year 8 pupils I took had agreed.”


By Sonia


Spy Scandal!
Two of the lead game developers of the upcoming game, ARMA III, have been caught spying on a Greek military base. Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar from The Czech Republic, were arrested on the 9th September 2012, but were released on a bail of £4,160.  The military outpost was located on one of the islands of Lemnos, where they were promptly arrested and taken into custody.
The two developers were taking a short holiday in the islands of Lemnos in Greece, when they came across a Greek Military Base and decided to take pictures and videos of the base to get inspiration for the setting of the new upcoming realistic war simulator. When they saw the signs preventing them from taking photos, they promptly stopped, but it was too late and officials had already spotted them. The Greek government were very harsh in their actions, immediately ignoring the fact that they were tourists, who were ignorant of their customs.

As a group we believe that it’s incredibly risky of the game developers because they jeopardised the making of the game. But we also think that the Greek Law was very harsh on the game developers, as they just ignored the fact that they were actually game developers. The Czech government shouldn’t get involved as this could start a very big conflict. From our survey we have discovered that most people play games, they feel sorry for the developers but can’t or don’t want to help them. They also said that if they could take action they would.

Other people, not just people within Ivan and Martin’s community, also feel that they have been affected by this, especially people who play the games that they help to produce. Most people believe that, although Ivan and Martin were doing something that they weren’t supposed to be doing, the Greek Government were given a fair amount of evidence that the game developers were harmless and they were very harsh on them. One boy we interviewed said “The Greek Government do have the right to do what they see fit to protect their country, but Ivan and Martin shouldn’t have been treated the way they were”.

We think that the Government’s view on all this is that they have done the right thing, but many people including the gaming community think this is wrong. We believe the Greek Government’s decisions with this matter are wrong. We believe it is wrong because they didn’t take in the fact that they were game developers. Also they could have just given them a fine or some kind of lesser punishment than going to jail. Many people think that this is a very harsh punishment. Many people do understand where the Government are coming from with this, as spying on a top secret military base is a very serious offence. Although the Government may have had a small argument we still believe that what they did was wrong

In conclusion, we think that this incident would greatly impact the morale of Martin and Ivan’s co-workers. The Greek Government should have (in our opinions) paid more attention to the evidence they were supplied with. We think that the Greek Government should be more lenient towards tourists, and while we agree they should be fined, we think a prison sentence is a slight over-reaction to something that wasn’t entirely the developer’s fault.

Screenshot from Arma II
Credit to BBC News for photos.
AP, PA, AFP, Getty.                


Written by Matthew, Kieran, Tamzin, Alejandro, Ricardo and James.










What’s in your mane course?

Everyone has heard of the recent horsemeat scandal and the media coverage has been massive. It started in early in January when food retailers found horsemeat in some products sold in Irish and British supermarkets. While horsemeat is proven to be high in protein and iron and contain 50% less fat than beef, it has still caused huge outrage in Britain.
Text Box: Chicken at Loreto High SchoolHowever, in France they have more than accepted the fact that they eat horsemeat. This dates back to the Revolution when other meat was unavailable so horsemeat was eaten as an alternative. They even served horsemeat to Napoleon’s Grand Army during the Napoleonic campaigns. Furthermore, horses were eaten during War World 2, because of rationing and hunger.
On Friday February 8th 2013, the company Aldi withdrew two products off the shelf – ‘Today’s special frozen beef lasagne’ and ‘Today’s special frozen spaghetti Bolognese’ - when they were tested, the products contained 30%-100% horse meat. Additionally, on 11th February, Tesco had to remove their own Tesco value spaghetti Bolognese, as test results came back that the 100% beef product actually contained horse.
People of the public have asked, ‘Why is the scandal only coming out now?’
The most popular supermarkets have tried to cover up the horsemeat scandal and have taken products off the shelves. But are the FSA to blame? Many people are unhappy that the FSA did not find out about it sooner which could have prevented the problem earlier.
Supermarkets, like Tesco, have given a public apology in the press and have promised to use British beef burgers and to work with British farmers. While brands like Tesco value and Burger King are losing money, vegetarian brands such as Quorn and Linda McCartney are capitalizing on the scandal as an opportunity to promote their meat-free products. McDonald’s also used press advertisements to highlight the quality of its 100% British beef, after rival Burger King was forced to admit its burgers had been contaminated.
Furthermore, there has been more uproar after suspicion that there could be horsemeat in hospital and school meals. We asked children at Loreto High School, Chorlton about their opinions.
When asked if they were worried about eating untested horsemeat, 52% said yes, it was a concern. 50% felt that food companies had breached their trust. A quarter of people surveyed said that they had eaten some of the products found to contain horsemeat. However, 80% said that it would not put them off eating meat all together. Anna, 13, said, “It doesn’t really matter that it’s horse, it’s more the point that you don’t know what’s in your food. It could even contain drugs or diseases”. Teacher, Miss Bould, said, “It’s more the fact that we’ve been lied to, not that it is horse meat”.
The scandal has certainly raised concerns about legislation and the accurate labeling of food products. In terms of students at Loreto, we are glad that we feel confident our canteen would strive to provide us with food that is healthy, nutricous, and above all, exactly what it says on the tin!

Written by Ines  and Rebecca 



Year 11 and 10 students eating lunch.


Is the Pegi Age Rating System Too Tough?

Loreto High School — Thursday 21, 2013

Loreto High School — Thursday 21, 2013

Some people believe that violent video games should have a high age rating because it has a negative impact on young children. Others believe that they shouldn’t have a high age rating because the game doesn’t cause these people to do these things such as killing people. Is this true?

From internet research and surveys given to the public we have found out that many people believe that violent video games are the source of  today’s violence among children such as murder and theft. Also people believe that the content shown is too mature for young eyes such as sexual content and blood and gore.


What most people fail to realize is that the video game industry, like the film industry, is heavily regulated with a strict age rating codes of parental guidelines already in place.


Which means that parents have a responsibility to control what their children are playing? Video games sold in the United States reach retail sales of twenty one billion dollars a year. If the age rating remains high, the economy can lose a tremendous amount of profit, and not to mention almost every kid around the world would be extremely furious.


When people say that violent video games have an influential effect on their children, they are probably right. However, the youth of today probably shouldn't be playing violent video games to start with, just as they shouldn't be watching violent movies. Violent video games have an age rating on them for a reason. If parents want buy their under aged children violent video games, then they should not complain that the video games are causing their children to become violent.
Recently we have carried out some research involving giving surveys to an un-bias party asking them a series of questions regarding to whether the pegi age rating system is to tough. These were the question we asked them.

Do you think that the age ratings on games as they are now under the PEGI system (see below) are correct?
Do you think that generally people follow the current guidelines?
Do you think that games that have an older age rating could be lowered or vice versa?
Do you think that children are affected by the games that they play e.g. if there is a lot of swearing then children will swear more themselves?

Do you think parents should be stricter on the games that they allow children to play?



In question one the majority of people said yes but in question two the majority of people said no. From this you can work out that most people believe that the Pegi system is wrong and most likely will ignore the rules.